1890 – Land purchased at Arch & Simpson Streets (S.W. Corner) for chapel

August 26, 1900 – First mass offered in St. Joseph Chapel

January 1941 – purchased Eberly row adjacent to the chapel

1942 – opened recreation center in the end house

1942 – purchased 24 E. Coover Street as a rectory

September 1948 – purchased house at Arch & Simpson Streets (N.E. Corner) for a rectory. Sold Coover Street property.

9/24/50- St. Joseph’s was named a parish removing the mission designation. Announced the purchase of property in the 300 & 400 blocks of Simpson Street for a church and school.
First Pastor – Rev. Cletus H. Wagman

9/18/51 – groundbreaking for church, social hall and school (4 classrooms, office, boiler room and restrooms).

7/13/52 – Dedication of the new properties, including an addition to brick farmhouse at 318 E. Simpson to be used as a chapel for the sisters. No record found of when this convent property was purchased. The land purchased in 1950 most likely included the Farm House.

6/20/53 – First mass at convent chapel. School Sisters of Notre Dame.

1955- Added four classrooms to the school. These rooms would have extended the elementary wing south toward Keller Street, including a janitors room and two storage rooms.

1956 – purchased 420 E. Simpson Street for rectory. Sold the Arch & Simpson Street property.

February 1958 – completion of enlarged social hall/cafeteria with the kitchen located in what was later changed to the CCD office. Open space walled in for added church seating with this same area later converted to third grade classrooms as part of the 1981 renovations.
March 18, 1962 – groundbreaking for Brindle Hall including a new kitchen (space which was later converted to Library), including two classrooms (5th. Grade) added pews for church in old social hall and converted old kitchen to a library.

February 1963 – 2nd. Pastor Named – Rev. Stephen J. Hribick

1963 – purchased Ponderosa property, 21.4 acres in Franklin Township, York County, just north of Dillsburg. This property was considered a recreation site for the parish and was located 11 miles southwest of the church and school.

1964 – CCD program started

July 1966 – purchased 200 S. Filbert. Used by the pastor as a rectory site. Assistants now being assigned to our parish made the 420 E. Simpson Street site too small. 420 E. Simpson also included the parish offices.

1972 – built new rectory and demolished old. Used classrooms at the Presbyterian Church during this time period.

1972 – Parish Offices moved to 200 S. Filbert Street.

1976 – purchased two modular units to create 8 classrooms. These were placed in the lot behind the church.

July 1976 – Sisters of Saints Cyril & Methodius came to St. Joseph’s.

1977 – St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish formed taking approximately 500 families from St. Joseph’s.

April 1978 – 3rd. Pastor Named – Rev. Joseph M. Pease

August 1979 – purchased 302 S. Chestnut ($68,000) as a convent. Sisters moved in January 1980.

November 1979 – purchased 202 S. Filbert Street apparently as a speculative property. Rented it out.

July 20, 1980 – groundbreaking for a new church. Old convent at 318 E. Simpson demolished. Modular classrooms moved to Brindle Hall side of property.

October 17, 1981 – dedication of new church.

1981/82 – converted Brindle Hall to 6 classrooms, kitchen converted to the library. Main section of the original church converted to gymnasium, side portion of old church to social hall, old sacristy to kitchen and old kitchen/library to CCD, added two classrooms (3rd. grade rooms) using the open space previously used for church seating.

1982 – Renovated Parish Offices at 200 S. Filbert Street. Evidence points to the parish offices having been moved to this site in 1972 when the old rectory was removed. This 1982 activity apparently expanded and improved the space. Offices were created in the basement space, carport converted to offices and a small office was created by walling of a portion of the living room.

August 1984 – Renovations: computer room in school, additional office space for priests (basement of 200 S. Filbert converted and small room walled off from the living room), added ramps and modified bathrooms for accessibility.

March 1985 – Gate of Heaven Cemetery began operating from an office in the modular classrooms. Modular unit sold to St. Margaret Mary Parish in Harrisburg.

1989 – Blessed Katherine Drexel Parish formed taking approximately 500 families from St. Joseph’s.

1990 – renovated restrooms in elementary wing of school.

July 1995 – 4th. – Pastor Named – Rev. Chester P. Snyder

October 24, 2000 – purchased 204 S. Filbert from Mrs. Suzanne McClafferty. This purchase was part of making way for construction of a parish center.

September 2003 – purchased Cocklin Street property to serve as a convent.

January 2004 – moved convent to Cocklin Street site.

March 2004 – moved rectory to former convent site
– Moved parish offices to 300 E. Keller as a temporary location during construction.
-demolished three houses along Filbert Street
-demolished the rectory at 420 E. Simpson Street
– renovations to the new rectory.

May 30, 2004 – groundbreaking for new Parish Life and Education Center along Filbert Street.

JuneĀ 2012 – 5th. – Pastor Named – Rev. Louis Ogden

February 20, 2015 – Death of Reverend Louis P. Ogden

June 22, 2015 – Pastor Named – Reverend Thomas J. Rozman

Other Miscellaneous Events:

1978 – Worship II Hymnals purchased. As this is prepared Father Snyder expects an updated version to soon be released.
1977 – Kirby Smith conducted increased giving campaign (after SEAS formation)
November 1977 – first time to receive Communion in the hand
February 1978 – J.S. Paluch started printing the Parish bulletin.
October 1978 – Diocesan Publications assumed printing for the bulletin.
1979 – Building Fund Drive conducted. $700,000 goal. Hank Brandt Associates conducted the drive.
April 1981 – Living Stations on Good Friday.
December 1982 – Mike Davis employed as organist/choir director
January 1984 – IBM computer purchased for the office.
June 1986 – Postal Church Co., Youngstown, Ohio contracted to prepare and mail envelopes.
August 1987 – extended day program at school established.
May 1988 – First Ecumenical Choir concert held at St. Joseph’s.
1989 – Increased Offertory conducted after BKD was formed.
2003 – Sunday Visitor contracted to handle weekly envelope printing.

Source Documents:

-Construction Drawings available in parish office e.
-Church Dedication booklets
-Golden Jubilee year history booklet (2000)
-Old Sunday Bulletins
-Newspaper clippings