Prayer for Saint Joseph Parish

Heavenly Father, we offer You this commitment:

Like our patron, Saint Joseph, the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we are called to foster the presence of Christ in all that we say and do.  Our mission is to grow disciples for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Generous Father, we ask for Your assistance:

Help us to be welcoming, so that Your love is felt by every person we encounter.

Help us to share the Gospel in word and deed, so that the hope and joy of life in Christ is visible and inviting to all.

Help us to be purposeful and encouraging, so that everyone feels empowered to help build Your kingdom. 

We thank You for sending Your Holy Spirit to fill us anew with wisdom and fortitude.

We thank You for sending your Holy Spirit to bring Your Church renewal, growth, and life in abundance!

We thank You!  We praise You!  In Jesus’ name, forever and ever, Amen!