That Man Is You!

THAT MAN IS YOU! is an interactive men’s program focused on the development of men in the modern world.  This session, entitled “The Unveiling of Love”, helps men grasp the depth and beauty of the Church’s vision of love and marriage, provides a vision of love that lies hidden behind the “mundane details” of everyday life, and relates stories from around the globe of couples who have lived the mystery of love to its very end.

There are two scheduling options to choose from:

Daytime option: Saturdays, Sept 16-Dec 16, 6:15 AM in Brindle Hall


Evening option: Tuesdays, Sept 19-Dec 19, 6:30 PM in the Parish Life & Education Center, Saint Joseph Hall

Schedule of topics:

  • Week 1:              The Unveiling of Love
  • Week 2:              Love is Desire
  • Week 3:              Love is a Free Gift
  • Week 4:              Love is Communion
  • Week 5:              Man in Communion
  • Week 6:              Woman in Communion
  • Week 7:              Two Become One
  • Week 8:              Love is Expansive
  • Week 9:              Love is Unconditional
  • Week 10:            Love is Sacrificial
  • Week 11:            Love is Eternal
  • Week 12:            Eternal Love on Earth
  • Week 13:            Love is Possible

Fee: n/a

To register, contact Tony Devlin at