Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus is, above all, a fraternity, a brotherhood of like-minded Catholic men and their families. Members aim to support one another in good times and bad and thereby strengthen the ideals of Catholic Knighthood. Active participation in membership recruitment efforts, the degree ceremonials, and the social and athletic programs of a council enhances one’s appreciation of what it means to be a Knight of Columbus.


Saint Joseph’s Squire Circle 5102 is part of the official youth group of the Knights of Columbus, having been established by Brother Barnabas McDonald, FSC, in 1922, with the first Circle instituted on August 4, 1925. It is an international, national, local, totally Catholic organization.

Squires must be Catholic boys between the ages of 10-18, inclusive.

The goal of the Squires is to prepare Catholic young men to be leaders among their fellow citizens. This is accomplished by serving others and, by doing so, serving Our Lord and themselves. In a true leadership roll, the Circle determines their goals. Not all work, Our Lord is served in wholesome, fun activities, leading to well-rounded Catholic gentleman. Their motto, “Esto Dignus” (Be Worthy) is not a statement of their membership in a Circle, but rather one of staying true to Our Lord and the mission of His teachings in their life.

Sunday Coffee Club

Members of the Saint Joseph’s Knights of Columbus provide individuals and families the opportunity to meet and socialize after all Masses on most Sundays during the school year. Usually donuts, pastries, coffee, and milk are available to enable individuals to relax and meet other members of the parish. Individuals other than members of the Knights are welcome to volunteer their services during these functions. A sign-up sheet for volunteers is maintained in the kitchen for anyone, including students, interested in helping.